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Nate is now approaching one year of usability & productivity. Awesome stuff!

A couple of things I noticed recently relate to notifications.

  • Discover, the KDE front-end to Flatpak, among other things, does not have a notification icon and the naming is inconsistent:
Discover’s missing icon and inconsistent naming

If I were to offer a recommendation I’d say have the right-click entries as “Open Discover“, “See Updates” and “Configure Discover“. Keep the Discover name consistent throughout the app and config.

  • Another relates to KDE Connect, an awesome app for integrating Android with the Linux desktop.
Duplicate SMS notifications from KDE Connect
More duplicate SMS notifications from KDE Connect.

When you receive an SMS it will display as KDE notification, but the problem is three or so duplicates show up. Once is enough.

  • Lastly, LibreOffice’s icons appear twice in the standard Plasma panel. Other KDE and non-KDE apps, like Firefox, display and underscore under their panel icon after being started. For some reason LibreOffice spawns a new one, which takes up real estate.
LibreOffice’s second panel icon (far left and second one is far right).

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I’ll address your points one-by-one:

    The Discover icon issue is a problem with your 3rd-party icon theme, not any KDE software.

    Regarding the proposed string changes, the use of ellipsis is correct, so those changes aren’t needed. “Configure Discover” would be inaccurate because it *doesn’t* configure Discover, it just configures the Update Notifier plasmoid (which actually hae no configuration save for a keyboard shortcut chooser)

    The notification issue is more or less

    The LibreOffice issue is LibreOffice’s fault (see, but we’ve already worked around it in Plasma, and the fix will be available in 5.15 (see

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