An Introduction to Content Marketing

Content Marketing Report cover
An Introduction to Content Marketing
For Marketing, Media and Communications Professionals

With all the recent talk about content marketing I thought I’d write a free report on my experience producing content as a journalist, marketing editor and market analyst. Content marketing has a definite buzz about it right now, but in my experience it is something that has been around for quite some time, but not known specifically as “content marketing”.

I have written an introductory report on the topic and am making it available for free download and use (see licence terms below).

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Table of contents

  • About this report
  • Report licence
  • Content marketing at a glance
  • Content marketing definition
  • The content in content marketing
  • What content marketing is not
  • Who produces content marketing?
  • Content feeds into other forms of marketing
  • No one “owns” content marketing
  • Content marketing benefits
  • How objective content is used
  • Content marketing and media relations
  • Traditional media under pressure
  • Content marketing feeds the media
  • I already do PR, am I the media?
  • Content marketing for PR firms
  • Content marketing and lead generation
  • Lead generation a tangible content marketing outcome
  • Reach and “pull” of content is key
  • Content marketing strategy planning
  • Develop a content marketing plan
  • Good content is not always about you
  • Example content marketing strategy
  • Content marketing samples
  • About the author

Report licence

The report is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 licence. Basically, the report is freely distributable and can be used for both commercial and non-commercial use, but it cannot be sold, republished without full attribution, or included as part of a derivative work. If you are interested in using this report for reasons other than stipulated by this licence, please contact me for permission.

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