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Getting Slashdotted a few months months late


While glancing over Slashdot today I was surprised to discover a story I wrote in November last year.

As many of the commentators on Slashdot noted, it’s not so much that Microsoft is installing a Linux-based wireless network but the fact that such a decision flies in the face of all the recent anti-Linux marketing from the company is a big deal. Interesting to read one comment by an apparent former Microsoft employee that the company has “sensitive” business information sitting on Linux servers. I’ll take that with a grain of salt until someone at Microsoft verifies it for me (and, hence, the world ;-)).

The story got heaps of hits when it was published so I can’t wait to see the total! Having developed a good relationship with the Aruba gang – I’ve also met the founder Keerti Melkote – and its over-zealous PR consultant (it’s OK, we’re best of buddies) I can safely say no need to bother me about not giving you enough publicity!

BTW, some Americans still fail to understand our date format – it’s DD/MM/YYYY. So the article was written in November last year, not April.



  1. Probably safe to say that after that little tidbit of info leaked, Aruba won’t be getting much more business from Microsoft. Hope Aruba’s PR consultant wasn’t ‘to blame’ for leaking the win!

  2. “Leaked”?

    Aruba nearly woke the dead with the announcement it had won the deal for Microsoft’s new wireless network. This intrepid reporter took it upon himself to investigate which OS Aruba’s kit runs.

    O ye, of little faith… 🙂


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