Great minds think alike #lockdownNSWnow

Then again fools rarely differ. It’s good to know you’re not alone in this world, and when a professor shares your sentiment your day only gets better.

A week after my last post about locking down NSW, a Sydney Morning Herald report included this commentary…

Infectious diseases physician and professor at the Kirby Institute UNSW, Greg Dore, said the state government had the capacity to modify the community’s behaviour by closing high risk venues.

“A four-week closure of pubs, clubs, and restaurants, through to early spring, would be economically more advantageous than a longer closure due to rising infections, that could extend until summer,” Professor Dore said.

Moreover, AMA NSW president Dr Danielle McMullen agreed.

As we see in today’s news:

  • A school is the centre of a latest cluster
  • And, more disturbingly, two new cases were found in Batemans Bay – a whole 28 days after the last confirmed case.

So, back to what does matter – evidence. Simply locking down pubs and clubs won’t be enough to stop clusters forming, and a full month is needed to curtail latent transmission chains as we see in Batemans Bay.

Playing a game of “wait and see” with Coronavirus is akin to playing a game of “wait and watch the horse bolt”.

Again, I really do hope that I’m wrong, but when faced with a choice of lockdown or “wait and see” I choose lockdown.

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