A stitch in time: what if NSW was locked down NOW?

And what if Australia wasn’t run by duck heads who care more about stimulus packages than problem solving?

Note the date of this post – July 31, 2020. I want you to compare it to what’s happening on August 31, 2020.

Today NSW has been bubbling at around 10-15 corona virus infections per day for about three weeks with a total of around 200 active cases.

I sincerely hope it’s zero in a month’s time I really do, but the situation might also be very different. If you had a choice of taking action or playing wait and see with people’s lives AND the economy, which option would you take?

Now let me tell you what my choice would be. If I was in charge I would – from midnight tonight – close all:

  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Schools (exemptions apply)
  • Universities
  • TAFE colleges
  • Places of worship (I’m sure a choice of deity wouldn’t mind if it was worshiped from home)
  • Non-essential business
  • Malls (except for essential shops)
  • Food courts
  • Restaurants (take away or delivery only)
  • Cafes
  • Gyms
  • Community Sports
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Any type of business where people gather (permits apply)
  • Access to hospitals (permits apply)
  • Access to nursing homes (permits apply)
  • Access to prisons etc (permits apply)
  • Social gatherings in homes
  • Social gatherings in public

For one month. The whole month of August, give or take a few days for notice. Read: A FEW DAYS, not weeks or months it needs to be done NOW!

Doing this NOW, for one month only, could mean the difference between controlling the fresh outbreak or seeing the horse bolt up the bell curve.

From September we could then reopen with more confidence, keep up with social distancing, continue high rates of testing, and return to the state we were in before the outbreak spilled over the border.

We’ll just have to wait and see where we end up in a month’s time. Who knows, the suppression “strategy” might yield the wrong outcome of its possible results.

Let me make it quite clear. I’m not writing this post to try and be “right” or to say “I told you so”. I’m saying this is exactly what I would do given the unfolding situation based on the evidence at hand.

There’s and old saying: it’s better to be safe than sorry. And today is no better time to practice that preach.

If I seem polemic that’s probably because I am. The way the Australian authorities have handled this crisis has made me so annoyed and frustrated I could eat gravel.

More on that later, for now I’ll mark today’s date with an air of tension.

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