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What to do when NBN comes to town


nbnco_worker_backAs it happens I’m one of the lucky few pre-Abbottians with NBN fibre rollin’ past my door so I thought I’d share my experiences on what to expect and do when NBN Co (and contractors) start digging up your street.

This may prove useful to people wondering what the NBN is all about and whether it is worthwhile to them. In my professional reporting I have been critical of the way the government instituted a new federal bureaucracy (NBN Co) do deliver a national high-speed broadband (which I still stand by), but there’s no doubt FTTP is unequivocally the superior choice compared with wireless, DSL, and FTTN. Why, because it overcomes the tyranny of distance, that’s why.

FTTP represents the only hope of delivering close to the advertised broadband speeds across the overwhelming majority of its geographic footprint. FTTN still suffers from the same “distance from POP is inversely proportional to the real world speed you get” problem of DSL.
Anyway, let’s not start a debate on the technical merits of different broadband access technologies. That’s beyond the scope of this blog series. Let’s focus on what to do when the NBN comes to town…

This is the first in a series of blog posts that will (maybe) cover:

  • Community awareness and NBN Co marketing campaigns
  • Pit and node upgrades and installations
  • Tunneling and conduit/pipe work
  • Laying of the aggregate fibre
  • Splitting the fibre and connection to the premises
  • Connecting to an RSP
  • Some cost/speed benchmarking against DSL


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