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Bridging the desktop-mobile development gap


It seems Google’s Chrome browser is making waves in write-once, run on all desktops development environments. Projects like NW.js and Electron (renamed from Atom Shell earlier this year) provide an environment to use Web technologies for native apps on Windows, Mac and Linux desktops. And in the mobile space there is no shortage of cross platform frameworks like Apache Cordova and NativeScript that connect the code between Android, iOS and Windows Phone-based devices.

Apache Cordova for open source mobile development

Apache Cordova for open source mobile development

Is there a need for a toolkit that targets the six main desktop and mobile platforms? There is the Haxe project, but that’s its own environment and not “Web technologies” as the others are big on promoting.

This could be a focal point for 2016, including support for larger screens like smart TVs, etc.

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