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TV chef Adam Liaw stumbles into an Hoffice


On his culinary journey through Scandinavia, Adam Liaw shed some light on the “Hoffice” trend in Sweden where people gather at a house to telework in a group. Any in Australia? Well, there’s two in Sydney, and one in Melbourne and Perth which is a start.

There's one Hoffice in the Sydney CBD

There’s one Hoffice in the Sydney CBD

Will Hoffice join the digital disruptor ranks of Airbnb and Uber? What will something like Hoffice mean for office leasing, particularly within knowledge worker industries? In these cases the “disruption” is simply overlaying a portal or social network on top of infrastructure that is already there – cars, dwellings, etc.

The whole concept of teleworking is itself a disruptive trend, but looking at Hoffice it see a lot of synergy with incubation hubs and shared office spaces popular with tech startups.

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