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I hate Windows 10 forced reboots, and so should you


For the love of sanity can Microsoft give its users the option to reboot when it suits them after an upgrade?

I’ve been stung a few times now by Windows 10 taking upon itself to reboot during a “window” of time after a forced update. A forced restart after a forced update if you will.

What is the problem? Well, if you are working on a few different things and an update appears you have a set period of time to manually restart the system before it’s done for you. And when it’s done for you all your apps and working documents are shut down. Thanks for that.

As far as I can see the only way to prevent this is to watch your notifications like a hawk and if the dreaded restart required notice appears shut down your system gracefully and restart it. And even if your PC is in sleep mode it will still be rebooted automagically!

At the very least put a notification in front of the user and don’t hide it in the sidebar.

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