Who knew?

Don’t you just love retrospect? Regarding IT, it truly is amazing to read opinions of people from yesteryear that today seem so wildly out of perspective it makes you wonder what on Earth they were thinking at the time.

Take this little gem. In 1994 one Donald A Norman wrote the preface the to Unix-Hater’s Handbook (IDG Books, 1994) [warning PDF] expressing his distaste for all things Unix.

Within it Norman writes:

Unix was not designed for the Mac.


As for me? I switched to the Mac. No more grep, no more piping, no more SED scripts. Just a simple, elegant life: “Your application has unexpectedly quit due to error number –1. OK?”

Donald A. Norman
Apple Fellow
Apple Computer, Inc.

And while I’m at it:

Professor of Cognitive Science, Emeritus
University of California, San Diego

I wonder if professor Norman still uses a Mac today?

Of course, the entire publication is meant to be taken with a large bag of salt, but you get the idea.

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