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The cable is cut…


Well, so, my old DSL connection is no more. I was away from my house over the weekend so I’m unsure of the exact cut off time, but I have a feeling it wasn’t the date originally agreed to. From my ISP…

You request to cancel your ADSL1 service on 2007-07-18


Your new ADSL2+ service will be ordered 1 business day after your ADSL1 service is cancelled.


Your new ADSL2+ application will be submitted on 2007-07-05

The mind truly does boggle.

Your new ADSL2+ service will normally be available within 15 working days after we send the order to Powertel.

So by that rationale, I should have my shiny new service sometime around July 26. Here’s to hoping I will get some sort of notification either way by the end of the week…

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