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The wheels are in motion

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I’ve received at least one e-mail and phone call indicating my new DSL service request has been acknowledged. Well that’s a relief.

Now, apparently, it’s up to the powers (no pun intended) that be…

Your DSL service order has been acknowledged by Telstra


Exetel Submit Your Application To Supplier On This Date 2007-07-19
Supplier Confirms Receipt Of Your Application On This Date 2007-07-23
Estimated Date For Line Activation * 2007-07-30
ADSL Activation Completed On This Date
* This is a guide only, services may be completed earlier or later. Please monitor for Activation Completed.

Let’s hope that “estimated” line activation date is moderately accurate. Perhaps I’m being too cynical about the whole thing. After all, this is a teir-2 ISP we are talking about here so it’s less likely to be arrogant with its customers.

One Comment

  1. I recently moved from ASDL1 to ADSL2+ on Exetel. It’s good to see they’ve changed their practice, in that they give estimated dates.

    In my case, I got an e-mail ‘your application status has been updated’ when ADSL1 was cut off, and an identical e-mail when ADSL2+ was turned on 10 days later. I thought the first one meant ADSL2+ was turned on, and raised a helpdesk call when I couldn’t connect. There was no progress page that I could find (“you have no active application”).

    The Murphy’s Law part was that I started my turn at overnight support the day ADSL1 was cut off; If I got called, I’d have to drive into work. Thankfully I didn’t.

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