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Going green, for all good CIOs


Spent today at the Green CIO conference at the Sydney Convention Centre.

I got the impression many CIOs truly are thought leaders on the green bandwagon. One talking point was how the CIO has a unique opportunity to spearhead profound changes to the overall business by reducing IT’s energy consumption. At least one CIO agreed with me when I mentioned the new energy frenzy is simply a shift from it once being at the back of business’ priorities to the forefront. Is waste ever good?

The whole green thing also makes for a new marketing direction for the vendors. Well, perhaps for those not dropping box, after box, after box… Gotta love that virtualisation.

Also, IDG Australia is now practicing what it is preaching with its own environmental policy aimed at reducing energy consumption and the ubiquitous “carbon footprint”. Great work team, kinda reminds me of my engineering days.

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