MythTV success!

After considerable frustration over my lack of TV reception with the Mythbuntu PVR, I decided to forklift upgrade the whole thing to Ubuntu Hardy Heron.

Well halle-bloody-lujah!! It now scans and locks onto all Sydney and Newcastle DVB-T signals.

I don’t know exactly what did the trick – it has a new kernel and the latest version of MythTV – and I have no intention to waste
any more time trying to find out (quite a few variables, so non-trivial to say the least). I also got a new, more powerful signal amplifier which has had a positive on the TV as well (Sydney HD channels are no longer choppy), so I think I’ll hang
on to it.

Of course, the upgrade from Gutsy to Hardy broke my xorg settings and I had to manually re-configure it for TV to display correctly.

Let’s hope for Ubuntu’s sake the millions of upgrades from Gutsy to Hardy don’t experience the same problem – I can almost hear
the mass protests now.

Now with everything “working” it’s time to set up some speakers for sound (already tested) and begin recording!

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  1. I’ll also add that running a cable from the PVR’s tuner card to the TV did not result in any loss of signal quality. So now you can switch between the PVR and the TV without manually plugging in cables.

  2. G’day Rodney,
    Like you I had problems with the Nova-T-500 tuner card. Found that the problem is with the Nova scanning channels, if you only use your other card to scan channels the system seems to work fine.

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