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Mobile churn: get your (mobile) account number


Almost everything went fine porting my mobile number from Telstra to Vodafone. The only difficulty I had was trying to figure out which account number Telstra needed to port the number across.

I was on a single bill (mobile + landline) so, of course, that account number was not appropriate. I called the Big T on one number and some pleb told me I needed to go into a Telstra shop to get the correct account number. It was about that time I was thinking if I have to so much as set one toe into a Telstra shop to get this menial task done I’m going to kill the landline service as well. That didn’t happen so I’m still paying the monthly Big T line rental tax.

So I called another number and another pleb and was given the wrong account number – go figure. It may have been the account number for the landline portion of the single bill or possibly an old Telstra mobile account I had before I switched to one of its caps.

After two attempts to port the number failed, where do I get the correct account number? From the original contract receipt, of course. So much for having to go to a Telstra shop. Nothing is ever easy, is it?

With the correct account number – that matched the mobile number – Voda was able to port the number in a couple of hours.


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