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February 3


I was on my way to a press event in the city today. Nothing unusual about that. In a busy week I can attend upwards of 10.

Today something extraordinary struck me. As I paid the taxi driver and jumped out of the cab I looked up and the first thing I saw was a plaque commemorating the first Christian church service on Australian soil.

The date was February 3. Today.

A plaque in Sydney for Australia's first church service on Sunday, February 3 1788

A plaque in Sydney for Australia’s first church service on Sunday, February 3 1788

It was this day in 1788 (Feb 3 was a Sunday) Rev Richard Johnson addressed the fledgling colony. The monument to mark the occasion stands on Hunter St, Sydney.

If I remember correctly, on the first Sunday (Jan 27) after the landing at Port Jackson most of the expedition party (most certainly the women) was still on board the ships of the First Fleet.

I’m not religious, but found this little snippet of our history too interesting to ignore.

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