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Compiz-like key bindings for KWin’s cube effect


If you’ve used the flashy spinning cube desktop effect on GNOME-based Linux systems running Compiz, you may be familiar with the ctrl-alt-left (or right arrow) key combination to “spin” the cube around in those respective directions.

If you’re a KDE user you already have compositing effects in KWin without the need for a third-party window manager – how about that.

By default, KWin doesn’t follow the Compiz way of switching desktops with the spinning cube, but it’s very easy to set as an option. In System Settings go to “Desktop” -> “Multiple Desktops” and click on the Switching tab.

Setting key bindings for KWin's spinning cube effect

Setting key bindings for KWin’s spinning cube effect

Then in the “shortcuts” section click on “Switch to Next Desktop”. Select the custom option and click on the button (it will have “none” if no key binding is set). With the button pressed and displaying “input…” hold down the ctrl, alt and left keys simultaneously. Then click apply and you’re done. You’re desktop will spin the cube just like Compiz. Do the same but with the right arrow for “Switch to Previous Desktop” if you want to switch the other way as well.

You can go crazy and customise key bindings for any specific desktop if you like.

If Linux distributors were thinking of changing their default desktop environment from GNOME-Compiz to KDE this is one option they might want to set as the default.


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