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Distro hunting again


Having used everything under the Sun at one stage, this summer I’ll probably migrate my two main systems from Kubuntu and OpenSUSE to another KDE-based distro.

If you can recommend anything I’m all ears.

I’m doing this for a few reasons:

  1. While the default desktop of OpenSUSE is KDE, it uses a lot of GNOME/Mono
  2. Now that Attachmate has acquired Novell the future of the distro is uncertain
  3. The six-month Ubuntu release cycle is too aggressive and often results in regressions I’m sick of fixing


Here’s my shortlist:

  1. Chakra
  2. Linux Mint
  3. Mepis


Other candidates include Arch Linux and Fedora. The fact that Fedora is GNOME-based with a KDE “spin” doesn’t rock my socks off.

A distro focused on app integration and testing will be at the forefront.

Maybe I’ll be searching for a while…


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