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First Ferrari ride… giddyup!

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Occasionally, there are times when being a journalist isn’t so bad. Going for a free Ferrari ride is one such occasion!

A few weeks back now, I was invited to the launch of Acer’s new Ferrari 4000 notebook at its Australian head office and assembly plant in Homebush, Sydney. To celebrate the launch Acer hired a Ferrari (complete with driver, unfortunately) and took a few journos for a well-deserved spin.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to drive (the 360 Modena has a tricky sequential gear change mechanism) but I did indeed get to ride around the streets of Sydney Olympic Park. Here’s the proof…


Yep, that’s yours truly wishing I could take it home. Well, maybe one day.

Special thanks to Acer for the opportunity and Spectrum Communications’ (who are always a pleasure to deal with, seriously) Will McIntyre for taking the photo. Sure you’re doing some professional photography on the side Will?

I could say what speed we reached by that will probably get me into trouble… And I could go on and describe the experience, like the feel and smell of the inside, but I won’t. Go for a ride yourself – I highly recommend it.


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