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I spoke with a PR friend of mine today and he mentioned he had been reading my blog and agreed with “most” of what I have written about regarding media relations. So I immediately reminded him that is an open forum and I welcome his contribution. He seemed interested in contributing so hopefully I’ll have something to post soon.

Well ah ha! A few hours later I get a request from a colleague to post up a message. Here it goes…

Can you do a bit on your blog about…

The dishonesty of PR companies offering an ‘opportunity’ for their client to be interviewed so they get the vendor’s name in print. That is spinning the spin – how thick do they think we are?

The time-wasting practice of throwing newbies at PR companies into cold-calling editorial staff to update lists. Worse still, not even equipping the newbies with the names of editorial people to contact.

I will think of more, but that’s today’s bleat.

Interesting points there. Firstly, an interview with a vendor is not an opportunity, it’s a chore. Does your client have any customers to speak of? That’s a better place to start.

Regarding list updating, yes, a phone call is a waste of time because most publications make their editorial staff’s contact details public. Duh!


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