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Back on the Gold Coast!


Not since the Business Objects conference in November last year have I been back to the Gold Coast, well, until today that is 🙂

After taking off from Sydney at 14:45 I’m now typing this from my room at the iconic Conrad Jupiters hotel casino. The hotel has broadband and wireless – whoa! – i hear you say? That’s what I said but then I saw the stick-up price:

– $9.95 per hour, or
– $24.95 per day

Sorry, I ain’t gonna pony up for broadband at those prices, so dial-up wins. But I must say I am happy to be staying at Jupiters. Many years ago a friend who I grew up with moved to the Gold Coast and I have been coming here at least twice a year since ’95. And every time I come hear I wonder what it would be like to stay in the hotel. Cool!

I’m here for Microsoft’s annual Tech.Ed conference (any burning questions Planet LA?).

I did bring my camera so I’ll post some Gold Coast glamour pics later. For now, it’s 17:50 and the welcoming party awaits…