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Seafile, SparkleShare and ownCloud 5


More developments in the open source file hosting and backup, or “personal cloud”, space.

ownCloud 5 is now in beta and I just learned about Seafile, which looks quite interesting. Last December SparkleShare 1.0 was released.

With so many commecial cloud services for file storage available nowadays, it’s good to see some open source projects available as well. As an ownCloud user I’m looking forward to version 5 which has a new UI and improved security model.

One day I might actually move on from rsync…


  1. Been playing with SparkleShare for a couple of days. It’s very buggy; certainly not production quality yet. Moving to version 1.00 seems to have been optimistic!

  2. OC is great although one of its biggest drawbacks (in my opinion) is lack of file system refresh function. Say, at a given time I upload 3 different files, 1 from my mobile, 1 from my computer using a browser and 1 using their sync app – I guarantee you will not see all of them.

    I am about to install Seafile now, hopefully this one will be better…

  3. Hi Rodney,
    Have you given a go to iFolder too?
    I am also in the quest of abandoning rsync: it does not perfectly suit anything more than excellent backup for me: sync is not in its bloodline and the conflicts are not all that beauty to deal.
    I need to use it for collaboration a part for google docs (two users can edit the same file together and each seas the other moving), nothing allows simultaneous access: what if two or even three users save in the same moment? Or 10 have the same file opened together?
    I feel there should be some kind of lock or autorenaming with user-date appended to the file.
    Rsync needs to be scheduled in cron or maybe called through some file/dir monitoring tool at any change.
    I’d love to keep rsync but it is not comfortable to use on many devices and not easy to configure for end users.

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