I was lucky enough to score myself an invite to Motorola’s ROKR E1 – you know, the iTunes phone – launch earlier this week, and although I was unsure if I could make it (Thursday is deadline day), I did manage to sneak in for a few hours after work. So like any good blogger, here’s the inside info…


The event was held at Sydney’s Dragonfly club in Potts Points (the seedier end of town) and was by exclusive invitation only, but hey, I’m a journalist so I waltzed right in.

Read on for the groovy details…

First, please don’t get me started on the implications of this partnership between Motorola and Apple, it’s way too late. I’ll save that for another blog.

What I will say is that it’s good to see Motorola kick off it’s media marketing campaign in such fine style. It may not have been much of a marketing company in the past but I think that’s about to radically change. Does anyone NOT have one of those slick RAZR phones? Yeah, me! So after inventing the brick some twenty years ago, Motorola is still alive and screaming. Let’s hope it can kick on and really make an impact before it becomes irrelevant. Man would I kill for one of these.

Bah, enough of that IT journalist thing, time to party!

Well look what we have here… Gusworld. Someone must have said free beer too loud.


Never one to miss an opportunity, Alex Online is seen here getting dangerously close to Linda, also from Howorth. Hey hyphen-hyphen, get your hands off buddy! You look like some sleasy Russian pimp!


It was also good to catch up with a few hacks from ZDNet and the lovely ex-IDGer Vivian.


From L to R we have Munir, Jeremy, and Vivian.

But the following group of chicky babes really made my night enjoyable. I’m saving the best for last here. Have you ever seen such a darling group of girls?


Let’s see if my memory serves me VERY well. From L to R we have Amy, Anna, Clare, and Romona. Hopefully I got the spelling of those names correct. Hey, it’s only a few hours after we met.

Sorry Romona, unfortunately I coudn’t stretch out the image vertically but don’t stress. You look absolutely fantabulous! And you have the personality to match. It was really great to meet you, I hope we catch up sooner rather than later.

Well, I think that’s enough shotgun blogging for one evening. Please go easy with the flamethrower…


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