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Sun 2, IBM 0


I’m finally getting around to blogging about somethng really freaky that happened back in August.

I seems like the Australian Electoral Commission and the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines have quite a bit in common. How’s this for a coincidence:

– Both have used IBM’s Dynix Unix systems for core transaction workloads
– Both will migrate to Java on Sun
– Both will be using Solaris in place of Dynix
– Both are government departments
– Both case studies were on the front page of Computerworld
– Both were unrelated but published within a week of each other

Check out the articles here (AEC) and here (Qld resources).

That’s the freakyness. There are probably other similarities, but none so obvious. I wonder if IBM will bother to maintain Dynix or just let its customers be eaten by Sun or HP rather than cannibalise them. When in doubt cannibalise, I say. For it is better to cannibalise than to lose. Perhaps IBM could shed some light on the subject? What’s the migration path from legacy Dynix systems?

Nevertheless, the real winners here are the end-users who – good, bad, right or wrong – are exercising their fundamental right of competition. And letting the world know about it – good one!


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