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Loitering @ Linuxworld


The inaugural Australian Linuxworld conference and expo came and went a few weeks ago. If you’ve been reading my stuff you’ll know that I did go along. And yes, I was going to blog while I was there but you know the slight problems of writing, Internet access, blah, blah, blah, got in the way.

Linuxworld entry

The event was held at the Sydney Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour, quite a popular venue for such conferences.

With my time split between the conference upstairs and the expo floor, it was difficult to determine exact numbers but it seemed pretty well attended. All the vendors were there…

HP's stand
HP managed to sever it’s ties to Microsoft for long enough to exhibit.

Novell's stand
Novell was on its road to redemption.

Red Hat
Red Hat really likes Gandhi.

IBMers using Windows at their Linuxworld stand.

Sun peddling Solaris at a Linux conference.

But let’s not forget the community turn out. It was good to see Linux Australia and the OSIA have stands of their own. It was also good to see some of the little Linux service providers get their marketing acts together. There’s a real future in that, believe me.

Jeff Waugh
But wait, here’s a sight I haven’t seen before! Jeff Waugh talking and using a computer at the same time? Whoa, how about that!

Congrats from all involved. Let’s hope there is one next year and it’s even bigger and better.


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