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Wearable computers at work


This month I received a smart watch as a gift and one of the first things I did was wear it into work. I don’t have any big plans to use the device for my work, rather I’m probably like most people that “bring” their portable computers into the workplace – I’ll gradually adopt applications that are useful to both my personal and work requirements. If your watch can count your steps why can’t it receive your email?

We’ve all heard about BYOD and, increasingly, BYOA, so there is no reason to think wearables won’t fall into that category. Just this week I was interviewed by The Australian about the proliferation of wearable computers (and their apps) into the workplace.

Wearables in a workplace could deliver everything from operator assistance to safety alerts and fire drill instructions and would have “a profound impact” on business.

Companies will offer work apps for smartwatches, says Telsyte report – Chris Griffith, The Australian, September 30, 2014


Like most “new” trends the business market has actually taken advantage of the technology for some time. When I was an engineer I remember walking around the plant with a wearable gas detector for safety reasons. Today’s wearable computers could easily be adapted for such purposes. BYOW anyone?…

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