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MSN Search out Googles Google

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It just occurred to me that Google may not be all it’s cracked up to be. I’ll show you what I mean.

I want to search for this URL:

So I turn to a trusty (no sarcasm intended) search engine and enter this search string:

“UK venture capital firm Connect Yorkshire is running”

which is the opening sentence of the blog post. Fair enough?

The much revered Google returns a list of semi-relevant links and then only the catergory of the blog post.

MSN Search, on the other hand, returns both the exact URL and the category as the second and third results on the first page – bingo! Furthermore, the link “Show more results from “”” gives the relevant categories AND the page number URL. In contrast Google’s “Similar pages” displays nothing, not even the original search result.

Looks like Google’s presence has forced Microsoft into creating a better search engine. Ah… the genius of competition…


One Comment

  1. Steve Ballmer always promised to deliver this technology over and above Google, and has done so.

    The problem is Google advertises itself better today.

    As we know search engines come and go especially when the relevance of the searches diminishes over time and people are fickle and change to something better at the drop of a hat

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