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IDG turns on the TV!


Hooray for not-so-modern technology! IDG Australia entered the brave new world of Internet TV this week with the launch of Computerworld and PC World TV.

As you can see, IDG’s TV broadcasts are delivered as Flash video. I know, I know, everyone hates the monopolistic Flash, but hey, it works well for some. The real benefit is the delivery of video broadcasts is quite transparent to the viewer. There are (usually) no additional browser plug-ins required.

The quality of Flash video may not be that of Blu-ray, but it does allow for user interaction, as indicated by the Computerworld TV playlist shown above.

I must say, the effort put into developing our own mini TV recording studio at IDG has been outstanding. And with enough video techies in the PC group IDG TV is looking like a huge success. Add to that our ability to draw content from around the world, and our local Web sites are the ideal IT TV content vehicles. For example, one of PC World’s latest flicks is the unveiling of the PS3 in Tokyo. Yes, the actual footage of the PS3 launch in downtown Tokyo…

[Note to PRs: Do you really need to be told why we don’t accept international travel assignments again?] IDG News Service, Tokyo Bureau, reporter Martyn Williams did an excellent job with that TV snippet of the PS3 launch.

Keep up the good work all and may there be many hours of Web TV ahead! And it will be most interesting to see how us print and online journos adapt to the wonderful world of TV…


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