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Some interesting announcements coming out of the 3GSM World Congress in Spain this week.

Among the most interesting is Sony Ericsson’s inevitable assault on the burgeoning portable digital music market.

To make matters even more interesting is how the digital music service should easily combine with Sony Ericsson’s new 4GB 3G mobile phone to take on the mighty iPod. Yes, I am a happy iPod owner but I can see numerous advantages in having a phone with a modicum of storage space and support for music over the much beloved incumbent.

  • Digital music is digital music, no?
  • Can you make voice (or even video) calls with an iPod?
  • Does the iPod talk bluetooth for wireless connectivity?
  • Mobile e-mail and PIM apps on an iPod? Probably yes but not like a phone.

So I don’t think it’s such a far out claim to say that the phones are closer to achieving the nirvana of a single digital communications and entertainment device than the humble iPod is today. Sure there’s talk of Apple pulling out an iPhone or equivalent but really? That would certainly be something to see.

And yes, I also use a Sony Ericsson phone but the amount of storage space is pitiful compared to the 20GB iPod of the same era. The gap is closing and the phones are well poised.


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