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CYA CeBit 2007


Well there goes another CeBit.

I was pleasantly surprised that this year’s event actually had some content worth writing about. But I’m glad it’s over because for some reason CeBit for me means…

– Endless e-mails and phone calls before the event along the lines of “would you like to meet such and such at CeBit”.

– Going into the office to check e-mail before heading out to the event.

– Cabbing to and from the event.

– Sifting through the program to find the most relevant story possibilities.

– Having PRs call you on your mobile phone every few hours.

– People at the event talking you to tears and then asking you to write about their “revolutionary” technology.

– Trying to find the media room.

– Forgetting a previously arranged meeting (sorry).

– Hoping for Internet access (at a tech conference, yeah right).

– Locating a power point to power the notebook used to (accurately?) transcribe presentations with your brick of a notebook running dry.

– Catching up with about a zillion people you’ve met and/or interviewed over the years (the best part, really).

– Wait for a cab during Sydney’s “change over” time.

– Handing out and gathering business cards by the dozen. Oh well, at least it’s good networking.

– Lugging your 3+Kg bag and notebook around the exhibition floor and being asked to take a brochure at every stand.

– Meeting people you’ve interviewed over the phone buy never so much as laid eyes on (this happened, I kid you not).

– Cabbing it back the office before COB to meet a daily deadline.

– Trying not to (or to, depending on your mood) upset anyone with what you write.

– Avoid catching something.

– Responding to numerous voicemails and hundreds of e-mails on return to the office.

– Get the transcriptions you wrote cleaned up and ready for publication.

All in a day’s work.

The government and open source conferences saved it – good oh!

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