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J is my middle initial!

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There, I said it – happy!?

My given name is Rodney Joseph Gedda, or Rodney J. Gedda as the Americans would have it, or simply RJ for the intellectually challenged. That’s right, I rank right up there with the middle J greats, including:

Homer J. Simpson
John J. Rambo
D J. Tanner
Philip J. Fry
Bullwinkle J. Moose

Why are so many fictional characters characterised by the middle initial J? Is it because the writers like the “good” sound of J in the middle? If you were unfortunate enough to be stricken with a straddled J please post a comment, it would be good to know I’m not completely alone in this (real) world.

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  1. All of my initials are “J”!

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