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Tech.Ed returns to the Gold Coast

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Well it’s been two years since Microsoft’s Tech.Ed last graced the shiny sands of Queensland’s Gold Coast.

I jetted in last night and checked into Conrad Jupiter’s hotel casino, again, then hit the opening party. Not much has changed at the hotel and broadband prices remain hideously expensive – yay for media rooms with Ethernet cables and power decks. I didn’t take any photos at the party last night but there was certainly plenty of action – including two real electronic bulls to ride.

I also caught up with my good friend Frank Arrigo who tells me he’s off the US to take on a global evangelism role at Redmond. That’s my life’s dream to the word “evangelist” on my business card. I’ve lost count of how many vendor evangelists if come across over the years. Gotta love these holier than thou vendors.

Just shot back the keynote presentation – an interesting tale about Animal Logic’s reliance on the now orphaned Windows NT. That makes Animal Logic one of the only digital production houses not using Linux according to people in the know, apparently.

Animal Logic is using Windows NT, so be it. I doubt the Microsoft Tech.Ed keynote would have been a good look if Animal Logic detailed how all rendering was done on Linux 😉

One Comment

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