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Back at work


The time arrived this week for my summer break to end and for me to go back to work.

It’s good to be back, but I must say I’m already missing my loved ones. Come to think of it I did quite a few things over the break. Let me recapitulate:

– Relaxed
– Ate some great food
– Drank some good wines and the usual beers
– Spent a more appropriate amount of time with family and friends
– Built a Linux-based PVR (more on this to come)
– Sold my old car
– Bought a new car
– Worked on a few Web sites
– Bought and read a few books
– Watched a few movies (including at the cinema, mind you)
– Played some poker

Come to think of it, one thing I didn’t do was go fishing. Ah well, maybe one day over the weekend soon.

Thanks to all those who sent me cards while I was away, I will get around to thanking you personally. As you can imagine walking back into a month’s worth of e-mail for a journalist isn’t easy. I expect to be very busy this week so if I can’t make anything please understand.

Happy New Year to all!

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