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Networkers party night


This year’s Networkers party was held at Dreamworld, about 20 minutes north of the Gold Coast. We all piled into the buses and headed to the fun park to be greeted with flames and jester hats.

cisco party fire

Jester hats? That’s right, every attendee was given a totally cool jester hat to wear on the night.

cisco party jesters

The above photo is very funny. There were like 100 hungry jesters lining up for some ‘food’ at every location around the theme park. And believe you me, it was NOT worth lining up for.

Most of the rides were operational so you had screaming and shouting at the thrill of free-falling 80 metres on the Tower of Terror (or whatever it’s called). I settled for an old favourite – the dodgem cars.

cisco pete murray

The highlight of the evening was Peter Murray, who even played with a jester hat on for a while. The crowd of mainly women got quite excited. They even chanted “encore, encore!” and Pete was kind enough to oblige.

Special thanks to Cisco Australia and New Zealand managing director Ross Fowler, seen here with Brad Howarth and Shing Quah, for putting on such a great night. Brad, you’re looking a bit sinister there.

cisco party portrait

I have a feeling the Gold Coast, with its shiny new convention centre, hasn’t seen the last of Networkers.



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