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Ice Age 3 in 3D


We went to see Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs in 3D over the weekend.

That’s right, we donned the Dick Smith-ish 3D glasses to watch the animated feature in three dimensions. Ice Age is a Disney Pixar production and watching an animated movie in 3D is quite a different experience.

Sure, 3D movies have been around for ages (no pun) but applying the concept to cartoons works really well. See the trailer and comments on YouTube.

Computer animators can really express the character’s feelings and tone of the scenes by “popping out” objects from the screen. Even if you don’t do animated movies I recommend seeing this one for the 3D experience.

Indeed, many of the trailers in the movie were of Disney Pixar animated films specifically designed to take advantage of the 3D optical illusion. A new era in movie going arrives!

Expect other digital production studies to follow suit as 3D looks like being the next marketing boon for the movie industry.

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