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Ovi app store


I finally got around to setting up my Nokia N95 8G for the Ovi Store. You need to download the Ovi Store app which replaces the old “Download” service for the N95.

Once you’ve logged into the service it’s pretty much navigate your way around the minimalist interface (or search for something) then click into it and then click download. The installer will then do the rest.

So far, so good. I’ve installed about 10 apps – some games and a couple of social networking clients that I will use to update Twitter, Facebook, etc. I’ve also got a Jabber client waiting to go!

Nokia has a bit of catching up to do to get its app store as popular as the iPhone and Android stores, but it’s advantage is the mass market of phones already capable of using it. The Ovi Store was essentially “backported” to the N95 but it works well enough.

And only last week did Nokia make the Ovi Store available for the new N900 Linux-based smartphone.

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