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DuckDuckGo added to Firefox search options


A few weeks ago I discovered the DuckDuckGo search engine.

If you’re a Firefox user you can add it to you list of search engines in the top right. Some features of DDG:

  • Searches not tracked (so DDG says)
  • Search through SSL
  • Vi syntax for page navigation (gotta love it!)
  • Context-aware results

What I mean by the last point is DDG seems to collate the results of a search into “things that are popular” and then everything else. The popular results could be from Wikipedia or an original Web site.

Google, however, seems to be better at narrowing down on a particular (even obscure) request.

DDG reminds me of a time when meta search engines were popular. It has its own bot, but also pulls results from other engines, including Bing and Yahoo!.

It’s good to see some innovation in the search engine space so let’s hope DDG doesn’t end up a quack.

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