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x86 tablet distro?


I’ve been tinkering with a few options for Linux on an x86 (Atom) touchscreen tablet. I successfully booted up:

from a USB thumbdrive. I’m not yet convinced which one to go with as they each have their pros and cons. Android (ICS) was definitely the most touch-friendly and tablet-wise interface so that may be the one to go with.

The Ubuntu image I used was not strickly the tablet distribution – which I believe is on its way – but the Unity interface scaled down quite well to screen size. The desktop 12.04 release is not really suitable for touchscreens as one false touch and you have libreoffice staring at you and no software keyboard appears when you click on an input form. When the Unity-driven Ubuntu tablet arrives, it will be definitely one to watch.

The dark horse is Plasma Active which I could boot, but the liveUSB was too slow to be usable so I will have to commit to an installation before I can test it properly. The Plasma Active project announced its first commercial tablet product this week. It looks promising as it is an open Linux distribution specifically engineered for touch interfaces.

Would be good to hear what others are using given MeeGo never quite made it out the door…

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