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New house, new beginning


We finally moved into our new house we have been building for the past 18 months. As you can imagine it was a bit of a (err, BIG) nightmare, but it’s rewarding when it’s all over and you move in.

I could write a book about the whole saga, but I’d really rather get on with my life.

The only thing I’ll write now – in case I never jot another word about it again – is to offer a few simple words of advice. If you do ever build your own house try to take as much control over the project as you can. Be an owner-builder and manage the trades yourself. No builder is ever going to care about your house project as much as you.

Using a builder is seen as the “safe” choice, but that means nothing if you end up spending as much time catching, and then fixing, the builder’s mistakes. Quality controls are almost non-existent in the building industry and this is no doubt a symptom of demand infinitely exceeding supply in the housing market. The builder simply wants to get each project done and move into the next one.

Anyway, live and learn. If I ever do build another house I know who will be managing the project.


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