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What to do when the NBN comes to town: ONT time


nbn_outside_box_installAfter waiting some time expecting to be notified of fibre availability in my area, and with the election nigh, I went ahead and selected an RSP (ISP) for a FTTH service. The installation date was booked, text messages were sent confirming the time and the optical network termination (ONT) units were installed without a hitch. The fibre connection, however, still needs to be dug in.

Having watched the fibre roll out with zeal, I was surprised the notice of availability didn’t appear in my letterbox sooner. It eventually did a few weeks after I had kicked off the FTTH provisioning request.

In any event, I certainly didn’t want to leave it until after the election. I put a request in with my new RSP and it was able to approve the new service as it already had access to NBN’s availability status in the suburb. If you are in an early release area and wondering if you can get a residential fibre connection my advice is to go straight to an RSP.

Anyway, back to the installation.

Everything went on time and according to plan. There are a total of three boxes that need to be installed.

  • The external ONT
  • The internal battery backup box
  • The internal voice and data switch

nbn_internal_ntuIf you need the internal boxes installed on a wall not adjacent to the external box like me, just ask the installers where you want it and they should be able to do it depending on level of access they have to the wall.

All up it will take an hour or two to complete the installation. When the fibre tail is dug in and connected to the external ONT, you don’t need to be home for this. So far I have not been give any indication of when this might happen only that there is a backlog of 170-odd premises in the area waiting to be connected. This translates to a few weeks wait time. Not long until the fast fibre flicks on.

My opinion is the move to FTTP and FTTN (where appropriate) should have happened progressively over the past 15 years. But I’ll save that for another blog.

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